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You can order your personalized caricature today!  Just visit our online store and select the type of drawing you want…from black and white to high detail color.   You will simply upload photos that will be used for the drawing.  Once we receive your order we will complete a pencil sketch for your approval.   Your completed work will be shipped to your door.

Caricature art makes a unique gift for the person who simply has everything.  Subjects often include family members, children, friends, or business associates.   Corporations order caricatures as motivation awards for employees.   Newlyweds have us immortalize their wedding day portraits.  Movie star and rock star fans have us draw their favorite celebrities.   The possibilities are only limited by imagination.

The completed work will be frame-quality, ready to hang in your den, nursery, or corporate office wall of fame.  We’re ready to go to the drawing boards for you.

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Event Caricature Drawing


We will bring a unique experience to your parties and events. Ken will sketch hilarious or serious cartoon pictures of you and your guests.  Kids are enthralled, adults are entertained and anyone can sit for a drawing.  Whether your event is corporate or private, caricatures lend the perfect touch at birthdays, conventions, wedding receptions, bar mitzvahs, banquets, trade shows, holiday parties, late night graduation parties, corporate functions, mall events, picnics, college events…you get the picture!

Our live event bookings are typically limited to North and South Carolina but we will consider other locations with advance notice and travel provisions.

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Live Events

“Thank you so much for your generous donation to our fall fundraiser. The commissioned caricature was an excellent auction item. We are so grateful for your support, and I hope we may call on you next time.”

Suzanne Foody

Director of Developmental Services , Greenville Technical Charter High School

We invited Ken to an awards banquet for our company.  We was very friendly and warmly received by our attendees.  All were impressed by his skills…whether they were being sketched or simply watching Ken work.  Our company CEO was one of the people who sat for a caricature.  The end work is hanging in a prominent place in our corporate lobby.   Well done Ken!


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